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Once you have the know-how, diving really is easy. But learning to dive can seem just a little bit daunting yet taking your diving further gives you all the more scope and confidence to dive anywhere in the world - although we think you'll be hard pushed to beat the Tekirova with its warm waters and captivating marine life.

Which is why it's important to place your trust in a team of proven instructors whose only aim is to get you qualified with friendly encouragement and confidence-building techniques.

Thankfully, you're in the right place! Our instructors score highly with guests who have done more than they ever thought possible. We offer diving experiences, beginner certifications, professional instructor courses and everything else in between, all in the crystal clear Tekirova.

Our dive center in Tekirova / ANTALYA are fully equipped and dedicated to giving you the best in diver training.

You can now choose who to do your diving courses with as we offer the two biggest dive organizations in the world, CMAS and PADI, giving you better value and more options.

Love it or your money back! When having a go at something new it's essential that you feel confident and comfortable with the idea. The Derin Diving team is so certain that you'll love learning to dive with us, and the way our instructors look after you, that we will give you your money back if you find that diving is just not for you.

PADI Training Chart

Which PADI Scuba Certification Should You Take?

Whether you’re seeking to experience your first breath underwater in the Open Water Diver course or the next specialty course to earn your Master Scuba Diver rating, you’ll find the perfect course right here.

padi courses chart

CMAS Training Chart

Learn To Dive

Get to know the benefits of CMAS's diver training system. It offers an international framework for diver and instructor qualifications in scuba diving. As a non-profit organization our aim is to deliver quality education for divers at all levels.

cmas courses chart